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 Post subject: What I would like to see
PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2012 3:14 am 

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This was my first time using "The Renamer", and I was blown away when I figured out how to use it.

It's amazing! Saved me so much time, grief, and phobia of un-tidyness on my external hard-drives.

There were a few things I saw lacking though.


Why does it "pause" every second for 8 seconds?


Why on the processing page, are there two sides of information. One is a segment of the list of files you are processing, and the other side is actions (such as deletion of ignored files, etc).... could this maybe be re-worked? It kinda looks ugly and out of place. Make it look like it's actually moving/doing something.

The "Status" at the bottom of the processing page is okay though, so is the title at the very top, etc.


Consolidate the settings. I noticed at least two different settings group, one at the top and one near the bottom. Also, maybe have a "pause" button when processing, or something.


A backup file? This should be relatively easy to create. Just have the renamer compile a list of the OLD files by name, right?


Add feature to "catalog" renamed movies/tv-shows. Downloading cover art, etc.

That way, when I'm sitting at my laptop, I can pull up the renamer or a "sub-program" and see a page with movies titles and cover art on it. I can then hover over a movie and see a plot/summary, etc of it. I can then press it and my designated media player will come up and play it from wherever the file is stored.



Lastly: I love "theRenamer". It's awesome =)

PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2012 5:19 am 
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Why does it "pause" every second for 8 seconds?

The pause is triggered when it goes to Google to make query. If theRenamer (or anything) queries too humanly fast, Google will temporary block your IP address.

Here's the rules for 7.55:
1st to 3rd Google: No pause.
4th to 10th Google (8 sec pause between)
11th Google: Big 12 sec pause. Counter resets to 4th.

When you start a new session (New button), it always resets to 0.

Not every file is Googled.
Probably the case ONLY when you start using theRenamer the first time, when the Showname/ID code does not exist in your database.
Database's showname/IDcode is automatically added when you do a rename. I'd assume if you just renamed a show called Homeland, you would also want to rename this show again next week.

As for movies, theRenamer scans .nfo for IMDb links. This also helps avoid Googling.

Consolidate the settings

Yes.. not perfect, but just the way it is now.
theRenamer started with just TV shows. So just a simple settings area.
Then Movie was added, which had it's own settings that does not affect TV shows.
Then came features that would affect TV and Movies, so instead of putting them in 2 places, a Global Setting was introduced.

Yes, kinda messy, but kinda makes sense too.

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