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 Post subject: HD Replace SD and Art
PostPosted: Wed May 04, 2011 2:03 am 

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Great program, two requests.

1. Currently, all my episodes are duplicating with 720p and standard xvid copies of the same show, labelled like this:

S10E31.One of Six Voted Off (720p).mkv
S10E31.One of Six Voted Off.avi

Basically, i would like an option that would let me replace 'mkv over avi' or '720p or .avi' or something similar, so in the event an avi of the copies has been renamed and moved and ive later downloaded an mkv, then replace the avi with the mkv. Similarly, if i rename and move the mkv 720p copy first and then later i download the avi copy later, i would want it to not move and rename the avi, but simply ignore it as a more superior copy is there (the 720p version).
And if you're wondering, the reason why i download both xvid and 720p copies is because sometimes 720p copies take substantially longer to come out, if not at all, and on some occasions i need the first available copy, and not the more superior.
ALSO, if a subsequently downloaded episode has 'REPACK' or 'FIX' or something similar, i would like it to rename and overwrite the original copy(without the 'REPACK' keyword of course).

2. Is it possible to lookup, grab the first season folder "poster" or sometimes called "Banner" for the season, download it and save it as folder.jpg (only if a folder.jpg does not already exist of course) within the season folder (ie TV\Family Guy\Season 1). Similarly, check if a folder.jpg exists in the main show folder and if it doesn't, lookup tvdb and grab the first poster for the main tv show and save it as folder.jpg in main show folder, eg: in folder TV\Family Guy.
This could be an option like "Save folder.jpg?".


PostPosted: Sat May 21, 2011 11:55 pm 

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These are great ideas, and would make life much easier, I too am slowly relaxing old avi with mkv and making that process simpler would be a def win, I'd even donate again to get these features

PostPosted: Sun Jul 24, 2011 4:00 am 
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replace 'mkv over avi' or '720p or .avi' or something similar

Don't think I'll be doing that. Removing files are a bit sensitive for me.
Since theRenamer 'guesses' showname, there's a chance it got the wrong showname.
Safest is let user delete what they don't want.

Also, I can see other people with follow up request like 1080p to replace 720p...

As for Album art, it's a popular request. Just never got around to it.
It's easy for movies as I only use IMDb, but TV shows has many other scraping sites.

It's quite a task for downloading images. But I'll keep it in mind.
Maybe need to open a new topic section just for image downloading.
Just to make sure the approach I do works best for all media apps.

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