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PostPosted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 6:34 am 

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First of all, this looks like a really nice app, well done.

I have installed it, and read through the wiki, but don't see a way to accomplish this:

I want to download a torrent, and after it is done, rename the torrent, and organize it (auto-move), but I want to leave a copy of the original torrent in the fetch folder. That way, I will delete the torrent after I have felt that I have seeded it for long enough.

Does this make sense?


PostPosted: Sun Jul 24, 2011 1:50 pm 
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Makes perfect sense, however, never got around to doing it. Not that simple actually.
If I leave old files in the fetch folder, it also means the next time theRenamer runs, it will look for that same file which has a renamed copy in the archive.
And you are left with manually deleting files that has reached their seeding ratio.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 14, 2011 10:30 pm 

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You are right Alfred.

I have kinda the same issue.
When I download Shows from Torrent sites, I use a site that doesen't RAR it's files.
That means that the files I download from the "Show site" doesen't need Unraring, so if theRenamer MOVES my show files, uTorrent will start yelling that the file is missing =/

However for Movies, this is not an issue cause the site I use for movies RAR their files so even if theRenamer moves the unrared movie.avi file, it won't cause issues for uTorrent.

Do you understand my issue :P?
I have been thinking of this issue ALLOT, Im Googling for some resolver to this issue, but I LOVE theRenamer, it does the job so perfectly, so PLEASE Alfred help me and I will donate a fair amount of money =)

Thanks for a good software!

PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 8:33 pm 

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I no this is a bit of a thread necromance, but I have an answer for this one (sortof).

If you use uTorrent (maybe other apps too, not sure), you can run a program any time a torrent changes state. I have uTorrent tell a batch what state the torrent is in, then the batch decides what to do with the file (movie, tv show, then what to do with it from there).

When a torrent starts, it's "Downloading"; the batch does nothing. When it's done, it switches to "Seeding"; the batch copies the file to a temp folder, I run theRenamer on it, it gets moved to where it needs to go. When it's done seeding,, it switches to "Finished"; the batch deletes the file. The only problem my batch has at the moment is if it has already met it's seeding requirements before it finishes downloading (happened once in like a year); could fix it pretty easily, but I don't really care to bother as my upload speeds, at present, are dismal.

Working on making it smart enough to deal with any movie file at the moment, but it's proving to be a bit annoying since nobody likes following any useful standards. At present, that feature has to be manually checked to see if it worked; it usually doesn't. Pretty much just unarchiving everything, if possible, then searching for the biggest file and copying it to it's own folder and running theRename on it and hoping for the best.

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