Released ver 6.8 (Major Change)
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Author:  alfred [ Sun Aug 29, 2010 4:04 am ]
Post subject:  Released ver 6.8 (Major Change)

Please UNinstall any BETA versions first. Had some problem with the shortcut on desktop.

Major rewrite in v6.8 to handle 64bit Windows better.
(Flash is no longer required to be installed)


1) Global Settings. These will affect both TV and Movie modes. Now placed at bottom right.

2) Shift 'The ' to back.

3) Sample Folder/Files now have 3 options - Rename/Delete/Ignore.

4) Individual Folder For Episode now has 2 options. A long or short folder name.


1) TV Special (Season 0) fails when showname exist in database, while using "101" format in dragged filename.

2) Stealing Focus. Annoying problem for XBMC users.

3) Flash Script Warning Pop-up
Minimized as much as possible. Should be very rare or not as all.

4) Star Trek DS9. theRenamer thinks it is Season 9
Now more strict checks . After a 'S'+Number, the next 3 letters MUST contain an 'E' followed by a number.

5) Movie names screw up when Movie Skip Folder is empty.

6) Missing Archive Folder message wrong for Windows Home Server.

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