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theRenamer: Renaming Movie files.

Starting from Version 5.0, theRenamer now supports renaming Movie files too!
Movies mode works differently from TV mode, and files can be deleted.
Please read below!

The Default settings should provide a good start to renaming movie files.
Sample Movie files (cloned real world scenario Movie files )can be downloaded here for testing.
Recommended to familiarise theRenamer using these files first.

Switching to Movie Mode:

While in TVshows mode, click on the green word 'tvshows', it will toggle to Movies Mode.
Click again to switch back to TVshows Mode.

Inside Settings:

- Ignore Files:
All file with these extensions are ignored.
"exe"  "zip"  "part"

- Delete Files:
Type in the files you wish to delete. Use "(quotes) BEFORE and AFTER your file format.
There's NO need to type the .(dot)
Add as many files formats as you wish, each separated with spaces between them.

"nfo"  "url"  "txt"   "jpg"
All .nfo, .url, .txt, .jpg files will be deleted.

- Skip Folders:

When these folders names are found, theRenamer will use the name of the folder it is contained in instead.
There's NO need to add 's'.


Words that are checked are "Subtitle" and "Subtitles"

The movie name to check is now 'Batman'

- CD123 Format:
Customize your own multi-part "CD1" naming.

To get 'batman (1).avi'
Set first textbox to " (" and second textbox to ")"

To get 'batman Part1.avi'
Set first textbox to " Part" and second textbox to "" (blank)

- Year Format:
Customize your own year "(2010)" naming.

To get 'batman (2010).avi'
Set first textbox to " (" and second textbox to ")"

- Add Year in Folder/File:
Adds the Release Year in the Folder/File. Useful, some movies have the same name.
Example Folder: District 9 (2009)

- Delete Sample Folder & Files:
All files inside the 'Sample' folder will be deleted.
If unchecked, all files within will be named with (Sample) in the end.

Example: District 9 (Sample).avi

- IMDb link:
Creates a shortcut link to IMDb's movie webpage.

- Fetch Folder:
Fetch folder is set to the Folder where your original movie files are kept.
The Fecth 'Paw' does not include Quick Fetch and Manual Move, this would conflict with TV Show files.
You will need to manually select and drag the Movie Folder/Files to theRenamer.

Unlike TV mode, Fetch Folder also serves another key purpose when scanning.

In Movies mode, theRenamer looks at the Folder name first instead of the filename.

Example Input Folder containing:

All files will be scanned as 'G-Force.' if  'DVDRip' is a keyword.

What happens if the movie DOES NOT come with a Folder?
If the folder of your input file IS the Fetch Folder, THEN it will scan using the filename itself.

Fetch Folder: 'D:\Downloads'
Input: 'D:\Downloads\Terminator Salvation 2009 DDC'

In this case, theRenamer will not scan for a movie called 'Downloads'.
It will use the filename itself, and if 'DDC' is a keyword, it will scan for 'Terminator Salvation 2009'

- Contains Movie Only:
Check this if you are sure all files inside Fetch Folder are Movie files only.
Useful for using with -fetchmovie parameter.

For more info, see guides:

Automatic Task Schedule -fetchmovie:
Make a shortcut of theRenamer, in the Target, set it to something like this:
C:\installed path\theRenamer.exe -fetchmovie

When theRenamer starts with  parameter -fetchmovie, it will auto run in Hidden Movie mode and grabs files from the Movie's Fetch Folder.
Confirmation is disabled, so use carefully.

Use Windows Task Schedule to run theRenamer.exe -fetchmovie every night for example.

- Movies Archive Folder:
Set it to the Folder where you store your movie library archive. All Files/Folder will be moved there if 'Auto Move after Renaming' is ON.

If 'Auto Move after Renaming' is OFF, only the files are renamed. All folders remain the same.

- Create Movie Folder:

Creates Movie Folder inside the Archive Folder. Used when moving movie files across.

On: C:\Movies\Batman\Batman.avi
Off: C:\Movies\Batman.avi

- Keywords (page2):
Keywords help filter out the text that theRenamer scans. Any words starting From the keywords to the end is ignored. Use "(quotes) BEFORE and AFTER your keyword.
This is not case sensitive, and spacebars are accepted.

Input: District.9.REPACK.R5.LiNE.XviD-KAMERA
Keywords included:  "Repack"

When theRenamer scans this, it will use 'District.9.'  to scan for the Movie data.
'REPACK.R5.LiNE.XviD-KAMERA' are ignored.

* New Note
From version 5.4 onwards, keywords are
It can  only be overwrite with the 'Update" button (grabs latest keywords from

You can still remove unwanted keywords if needed, but it will not be saved.

Input: The Camera Man.REPACK.R5.LiNE.XviD-KAMERA
Keywords included:  "cam"

theRenamer will block all words from 'cam". The movie name it will assume is "The", which is obviously not correct. In such cases, you can delete "cam" (including both quotes).

It doesn't save your keyword settings because it is quite rare to have movie names with 'cam', and most cases, the original filename will include the word 'cam', which you
DO WANT to block.

* If you find a useful keyword, please let me know. I'll include it to the default keywords.
Other users can click on the 'Update' button to grab it too.

( In Confirmation Page):

Edit New Data:
Use this to customize movie name, year and shortcut URL.
Just click to turn On 'Edit New Data' button, then select any row that you wish to change data.
It will auto look for AKA names.

Example: Movie "Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo" will be replace with AKA name "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"

Default Mode:
Click on any Row will goto the Movie's Website.

Select Similar:
Checks all files similar to the Row that was clicked.

Deselect Similar:
Unchecks all files similar to the Row that was clicked.

Deselect All/Reset Original:
Deselects All or Reset all to it's Original state.

*Files that are Originally Unchecked will always remains unchecked.

- 4 Sortable columns in Confirmation.
Colum 1: #

Checkbox to process that file.

Colum 2: Showname
The name of the show that is used for checking.

Colum 3: OLD
The original filename.

Colum 4: NEW
The new filename.

Colum 5: +
Checkbox to Overwrite Archive Folder's filename with the new filename when Moving.
By Default, checkbox is Unchecked and will not Overwrite.

Keywords are used to help narrow down the filename BEFORE checking for the Showname and Season/Episode.
From ver 6.2, users will need to maintain their own keywords.
All keywords MUST be with Quotes "". (helps looking for spacebar easily)
IF you find a new useful Signature, please let us know too, so we can add it into next releases as default.

Example Folder: Island (2010) R5 DVDRip XviD-MAXSPEED

In this case, '' is a keyword that starts at the beginning, so it is removed.

.The Island (2010) R5 DVDRip XviD-MAXSPEED

The next keyword it found is 'R5'. Since it is not at the beginning of the filename, all words from keywords to end is removed (including the date).

.The Island (2010)

- Other Notes

CD1 & CD2
Filenames that contain 'CD1', 'CD2', 'CD3' 'CD 1', 'CD 2', 'CD 3', ' (1)', ' (2)', '(3)' will have the renamed file ending with ' (x)'

Input: 'Watchmen.DvDRip_cd1.avi'
Output: Watchmen (1).avi

If a filename contains the word 'sample' (even when not in a folder called 'Sample'),  it will be recognized as a sample file.
Input: 'Watchmen.DvDRip_sample.avi'
Output: Watchmen (Sample).avi

If more than 1 subtitle languages is found, only the first subtitle file is moved. The rest will be skipped.
This is because I cannot move 2 files with the same names into 1 folder.

Rar files
These files are skipped. | Artworks/Designs © Copyright 2008.