Keep Original Filename (previously called Keep Signature)



When enabled, words from the original filename is placed at the back of the new filename.

theRenamer will try to remove and duplicated episode titles it it finds it. (case sensitive for now)


Filter Words:

This lets you keep ALL words found in the text block. from the original filename. (Keep Original Filename option has to be ENABLED)

To keep all text from the original filename, DO NOT enter any filter words.


IF you only wish to keep certain words, enter them into the Filter Words text block.

Add the words you wish to keep, and put them with quotes.



"1080p"   "720p"  "DvDrip"  "Cam"


theRenamer will used these word filters and pick the matching word. Priority is from LEFT TO RIGHT.

Once there's a matching word, the rest are skipped.

If there are no matches, then it won't even put the original filename into the new filename.


Show in Folder:

When enabled, the Original Filename or Filter Word will be added to the Movie Folder too.

TV Showname Folder is not supported. Just Movie Mode.